Primal Fitness is both a small group training studio as well as a personal training studio. It is a boutique, exclusive space, purpose built for the most up to date training anywhere in Australia. We pride ourselves on being at the cutting edge of the fitness industry, and both our classes, and personal training sessions, reflect this in their program designs and expert coaching delivery.

Our small group training is unparalleled. For only $29/wk, with no lock-in contract, you get unlimited access to 15-20 classes per week.

Our class timetable includes High Intensity Circuit, Strength, Yoga/Stretch, and Animal Flow classes. Our timetable changes regularly, based on attendance and feedback. As we are a small boutique studio, your feedback is always welcome, and most importantly, always heard!!

Small Group Training (Classes)

  • Unlimited classes
  • No lock-in contract
  • $29/week
  • Fortnightly direct debit

Personal Training Starter Pack (Start Smart)

  • Semi-Private Training. Your customised, individual program delivered by a Primal Coach.
  • Package includes- 1 month’s unlimited classes. 5 Semi-Private Training Sessions (our version of personal training)
  • $370 (plus GST)
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I am writing this letter of referral for Primal Fitness. Michael James is the founder of this
organization and is seasoned leader in the health and fitness industry.
Primal are constantly striving to further education and solutions for themselves and their clients,
with their major focus being quality of life.
Primal are a well-established business with a successful reputation and have developed global
relationships with many of the leaders of the industry including;
§ IOM (Institute of Motion), World leaders in human design and coaching,
§ Dr Roy Sugarman, director of Applied Science for EXOS
§ OD on Movement, Movement Solutions and Performance conditioning.
This has enabled them to develop movement strategies that are geared towards longevity
through improved function and mobility and have dedicated themselves to many groups;
especially the aging population.
Primal’s unique strategies have enhanced proprioception (fall prevention), bone density, lean
muscle mass, circulation and hormone profiles in this group. Continual studies through their
relationship with Dr Roy Sugarman have also recorded benefits to brain health (cognition and
psycology) for many of their clients.
I would recommend Primal to any person or organization looking to optimize their health and
wellbeing outcomes and quality of life.
Yours sincerely
Ian O’Dwyer
Director of OD on Movement

Ian O’Dwyer, Director OD on Movement. Noosa, Qld
Owner and Director, OD on Movement

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