Annelise Remigio


About me:
I am lover of movement, nature and adventure and am dedicated to helping you find movement freedom in ​your body and life! Your lifestyle affects your physical body – like how a tree’s growth responds to forces in the wind, we are shaped by our environments, including how we move (or don’t move), our relationships, nutrition, thoughts, and so on. From tuning into the subtleties of your breath, to doing challenging movements that “wake up” forgotten parts of the body, prescribed varied movement will energise your body and mind, making you one resilient human.

I have completed Diploma’s in both Contemporary Pilates and Sling Myofascial Training, so I work with the body’s myofascial head to toe connection. Further research and study in biomechanics also help me to connect the dots and I am also qualified as Personalised Health Coach.

Fun Facts:
I have had back surgery – not fun (apart from my jokes on morphene, according to my friends!) – the fun part is that knowing what I know I have been able to keep me back healthy for the past 19 years since and having full confidence in my body again is the best feeling!

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