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Michael James is a world class personal trainer who specialises in functional rehabilitation.

Functional rehabilition for resilience and vitality

Based in Paddington, Sydney, Michael works with clients who like to prioritise their overall health and wellness. Backed by over 20 years experience in the personal training industry, he specialises in delivering functional rehabilitation programs designed to increase resilience and boost vitality for modern living.

Linked to a world class network

Michael is part of a world class network of like-minded health practitioners which allows him to deliver the best outcomes for all clients. This network ensures Michael is on the cutting edge of health and fitness tools and techniques.

Michael embodies the highest professional and techinical standards to ensure you achieve the results you need.

Consultancy services available for personal trainers

Health Wellness Retreats

We are building something special, a real ‘game changer’. A series of health retreats unlike any other. Years in the making, our health retreats will feature the most advanced health programs available, developed to enable you to achieve maximum results and sustainable long term success in some of the most relaxing locations in the world.

Stay tuned and further details will be announced shortly.

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