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  • Paul Bide

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    Their focus on functional movement means I have a great mix of strength, flexibility and endurance training. I think it is an extremely balanced programme, and is one that educates and motivates me to keep going and commit to it as part of my lifestyle, not just as a 2 hour part of my week. Progress for me is evidenced by a drop in about 15 kilos of weight, a 4-5% drop in body fat and decrease in blood pressure.

  • Greg Ward

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    His methods give you a reason and an incentive to train and a passionate desire to improve all aspects of your personal fitness - both physically and your mental approach. The methods have given me great knowledge and confidence to be able to do the right things for my body when I'm travelling.

  • Julia

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    I was in that category of people who are not comfortable in the gym and felt very intimidated using the equipment. I met with Michael for a briefing before he took me on as a client to see if we would have synergy in working together. He listened to my desire to focus on strengthening and toning muscles and while cognisant of my hesitation in gyms, has worked consistently to build my confidence and craft my sessions accordingly. I have become stronger and more confident in and around gym equipment through my sessions with him. Michael has earned my trust in his ability to negate any nervousness and get me focused on an outcome.

    My sessions have been fun, instructional and beneficial in many ways, both physical and mental. His manner in knowledgeable and personal and he has been able to get the most out of me as well as be compassionate or adaptable where the circumstances have required that. My levels of strength, mobility and fitness have increased dramatically under his training and I would highly recommend him to anyone - be it a gym junkie or gym novice alike.

  • Nadine

    It felt good to 'outsource' control of my fitness to a professional to motivate and help me (whilst I filled in my day with my new baby!). I had tried a number of 'new mothers' group exercise classes after the birth but can safely say I have achieved more in the first 2 months with PHS than I did in 6 months with others.

  • Steve Carritt

    I am now 53 and fitter than I have been since I was 20, and stronger than I have ever been. My trouser size was heading towards 36 but lately I have been fitting into size 32. My weight has come down from 86kg to around 80kg and I know I don't get colds, or flu or other illness to the extent I did in the past. Working with Mike and following his methods and advice over the years has been fantastic for my life and wellbeing.

  • Kate

    Unfortunately, during my pregnancy some bad eating habits had crept in and I gained some extra kilos, 25kg in fact! It would not have been possible for me to shed those kgs and get the body back to normal on my own. Michael helped me re-establish a healthy disciplined approach to food and exercise to get back to my previous fitness and strength levels. I now feel fit and strong and have all the energy I need to manage a full time career and run around after a toddler.

  • Katrina

    When I had my daughter I experienced my greatest ever weight loss in one day!..But I found the last 4 - 5 kilos difficult to shift. Michael and his colleagues at PHS have focused on the full picture in helping me lose this weight - they've recommended changes to my diet and have also designed a great program. I'm now within a couple of kilos of my pre-baby weight, and she was only born 6 months ago! I'd highly recommend PHS to anyone looking to get back into shape after having a baby.

  • Claire Grullemans, Naturopath. Natural Fertility & Health Solutions

    The trainers at Primal fitness are fantastic! Each and every one of them knows how to taylor an exercise regime to meet your capabilities while still allowing you to achieve your fitness goals. I love that when you enter the gym everyone says 'hello', including other members. One of the best things about Michael and his team as they are friendly and still get you to focus on your health Goals. For me it was about avoiding injury while skiing, and I can confidently say that I skiied a whole week from 8am- 7pm with out any injury or serious muscle fatigue. So all the training in advance really worked wonders.

  • Dr Zoe James, Chiropractor. Infinite Health Chiropractic

    I met Michael James through his business partner at Primal Fitness. I have several clients who attend the gym and get fantastic results. Being a health professional my greatest interest is for my clients to participate in exercise that is contributing to a healthy lifestyle not giving them injuries! All the trainers at Primal Fitness have an attention to detail for the quality of movement and ensure that people spend their efforts building their fitness and wellness. I would recommend even my most injured or compromised clients partake in supervised exercise at Primal Fitness.

  • David Giles, Meditation Teacher

    Excellent trainers - a really personal service and you feel fit without getting crippled! Love this place!!

  • Dr Roy Sugarman, Athletes Performance

    If you are trying to choose a place that will feel like home, this is it. Mike and Aaron and staff provide the most outstanding, internationally recognized state of the art training, motivating and supporting you so that the whole process of getting healthy is painless and exciting, rather than just sweat and hard lifting. Highly, highly recommended.

  • Nick Torrance, Balance In Motion Physiotherapy

    I'd recommend any one of my patients knowing they will be trained hard but sensibly. From a physio perspective these guys know their stuff. 10/10