About Us

What is Primal Fitness?

Our efforts to thrive in today’s stressful demanding environment has led us to review what has been successful, not just in recent history, but over the course of our evolution. At Primal Fitness we want you to do more than cope, we want you to thrive; achieving resilience and vitality for modern living. Primal Fitness sums up this philosophy.

Why change?

Premium Health Studio resonated with members who knew us before we launched the Studio. We have been living our philosophy for years and our existing members new and understood that.

For new members, or anyone looking for guidance to thrive in the modern world, Premium Health Studio did not describe how we are unique in the fitness industry, and why someone might want to trust our expert hands to guide them to achieve their fitness goals.

Our philosophy has not changed. We know movement, nutrition and lifestyle are the keys to thriving in the modern world. The name “PHS” did not make that clear. We have been delivering “Primal Fitness” so it’s time we start using the name.

What will change?

Our branding will change. The most evident change will be logos, colours, uniforms, and the website.

What won't change?

At Primal Fitness we have always appreciated the difference between training the body and draining the body. Our sessions are customised for each member and delivered to meet each member where they need to be met. This will not change.

Our goal has always been to help people move better, feel better and look better. We do this by designing individually customised programs suited to your goals, activity levels and training history; whether you are unfit, injured or an elite athlete.